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What You Currently Have

Many companies opt for a free, basic-themed website using Wordpress, Google Business, and the like. If you're trying to save money from the get-go, these options make sense. In fact, they are a good starting point for an emerging business. However, at some point your primary concerns may change. For example, there's the hassle of connecting forms and other dynamic functionality to your site. You might use plug-ins or third party services that don't always look or work the way you like (or, worse, they could stop working completely!).

Or maybe you've hired a developer to build and maintain your site. You now have a unique, eye-catching website with lots of dynamic content. You might even have multiple sites or subdomains. What happens when you need to change something? Whether you need to swap out a few photos, revise a paragraph, add a new page or form, or whatever, you'll likely need to contact -- and pay -- your developer for each task.

Then there is the challenge of managing and organizing your contacts. You might use email and social media as your primary means of managing your leads and clients, though having a CRM makes keeping track of everything so much easier. If you use a CRM, how do you save your new leads and communications to it? Generally, you have two options: either manually copy them, or use a third-party service such as Zapier or Nylas to automatically import them. Furthermore, if you use a separate e-marketing software (e.g., MailChimp, Constant Contact), you'll also need a mechanism to keep contacts and communications in sync between that and your CRM.

Website, CRM, e-Marketing: The SMPL Way

The SMPL System will make things much easier for you, whether you prefer to: A) keep your existing website and host; B) keep your existing website design but transfer hosting to us; or C) have us design a completely new website for your business.

For scenario A, all you need to do is design your intake forms using SMPL's Form Manager tool, and then copy and paste the provided iFrame tag on the page where you want the form to appear. You can create as many different forms as you wish. For the Client Area, there is no need to use an iFrame; simply add a link to the Client Area URL to your website.

Scenarios B and C are basically the same from our (the programmer's) perspective. We construct your website from the ground up; whether we copy the existing design or create a new look, the development process is pretty much the same. Each client's website is unique; we won't force it to fit into a pre-constructed template the way some other companies do.

What about website maintenance? It is completely up to you how often, how much or how little you wish to revise your website. If you'd like to make changes yourself, we'll set up 1-2 training sessions to show you how to use the website editing tools. We are also happy to perform revisions to your site for you. If it is just a couple of minor tweaks per month, like changing a link, rewording a paragraph, or swapping out a few photos, we won't charge extra (it is included in the monthly website hosting fee). For more frequent or time-consuming revisions such as updating all the items on your food or product menu, or completely redesigning a page, we will charge an hourly programming rate.

So, I'm sure you're wondering: how much does it cost to build and host your website with SMPL? For a onetime fee of $500, we build your website. Website hosting costs $25/month, added to your SMPL System monthly bill. If you have any questions or to request a demo of SMPL System with Website Integration, please give us a call at (845) 670-4559 or Contact Us. If you're ready to purchase, follow the applicable link for your system: SMPL Events, SMPL Retail, SMPL White Label for Small Business.



Client Websites

Here are some examples of websites we have built for clients.

Rolling Party
Rolling Party
Entertainment Company Website
EP Event Group
DJ Website
Stylez Entertainment
F&J Pizzeria Website
F & J Pizzeria