Set Up Your Twilio Account to Work with SMPL System

If you have your own Twilio account, you must follow these steps in order to send and receive SMS in your SMPL System.

Important Update: Twilio now requires all Phone Numbers to complete A2P 10DLC registration, and all attempts to send SMS from unregistered numbers are being blocked. If you have just created a new Twilio account and have not yet completed this registration, we urge you to fill out the registration form ASAP to avoid delays in getting your SMS up-and-running in SMPL.

1) Log into

2) Under the Account Info section, we need your Account SID, Auth Token and Phone Number. You may need to generate an Auth Token if there isn't one there already. Follow the on-screen steps to create one. When finished, copy and paste these 3 things and send them to us. Also note: if you have more than one phone number, you'll need to choose which one to connect to SMPL. If the phone number displayed on this screen isn't the right one, you must locate it in your active numbers list: Phone Numbers -> Manage -> Active Numbers. (You'll need to navigate to the number in the next step anyway.)

Twilio Console - Account SID, Auth Token, Phone Number

3) Twilio now requires all Phone Numbers to complete A2P 10DLC registration. If you do not complete this, all your messages will get blocked. Go to the edit screen for the phone number you're connecting to SMPL. In the top left menu, navigate to Phone Numbers -> Manage -> Active Numbers and click on the number. Go to the "Configure" tab. You will now need to either initiate the registration process, or, if you've already done this, you can check the status of your registration via the links that are in the blue-background alerts, like shown here:

Twilio Phone Number A2P 10DLC Registration Required

4) Scroll down to the Messaging section. For Messaging Service, choose the applicable A2P Messaging Service that was approved by Twilio during the registration process. Make sure "Configure with Other Handlers" is set to "Webhook, TwiML Bin, ...". Then mimick the settings under  "A Message Comes In" as shown in the screen shot below. You must replace the domain part of the URL with your system's URL (i.e., or if you have your own website domain set up with SMPL).

NOTE: If a "Messaging Service" is already selected that is NOT an A2P Messaging Service (this is uncommon and probably doesn't apply to you), you must click on "Modify the Messaging Service Configuration". On this editing screen, you will change the option from "send a webhook" to "defer to sender's webhook" and then save. 

Twilio Console - Phone Number Messaging Settings5) Save your changes and notify us that you have completed these steps. Don't forget to include the values in step 2 in your email. Then we will enter your settings and officially turn on the SMS feature in your system.

6) You're all set and can now enjoy the convenience of sending and receiving messages in your SMPL System. One last thing: if you'd like to receive an email notification whenever a new message arrives, go to your My Profile page in your system, toggle "Incoming SMS Emails" to ON, then click "Update Profile".