Social Media Tools in SMPL System

SMPL System and SMPL Events are pleased to announce our API integration with Buffer, the popular social media management platform. If you have a Buffer account (and if you're a social media BUFF who doesn't yet have one, I encourage you to create a free account and try it out), you can tie it into your SMPL CRM system. Here's what you'll be able to do, all without ever leaving your system:Buffer Logo

What can I post?
Pictures, links, or plain text updates

Which services/entities can I post to?
Facebook Business Page, Facebook Group, LinkedIn Profile, LinkedIn Page, Instagram Business Account, Twitter Account

What scheduling and posting options are available?
Share Now, Add to Buffer Queue, Share at a Specific Time

I don't post often enough that I really need a "queue", but I would like to be reminded if I haven't posted in a while. Can I set up reminders?
Yes, reminders can be set up in the system. You can set different intervals for each social media account, and choose to get reminders for some and not others. Reminders consist of push notifications upon logging into the system, and red "overdue" bars in the Social Media Assistant (see screen shot below).

My business has more than one Buffer account. Can I connect more than one account to my system?
Yes, you can! Each user in your system can connect their own Buffer account. You can even make a profile 'global', meaning that it will be visible in all users' Social Media Assistants (for security we limit publishing and scheduling to the account owner, however).

This sounds awesome. How do I get started?
Start out by creating a free Buffer account and then send an email to for instructions on how to connect it to your SMPL System. You may also check out Buffer's guide to connecting your social accounts.


SMPL System - Social Media Assistant, Connected to Buffer API