AJWilder Technology's Referral Program

Get Paid for Referring a Friend to Our Small Business or Matchmaker's Software!

SMPL System - Small Business CRM & Marketing
Le Connex - The Matchmakers' Solution

Do you know a small business owner who would benefit from SMPL or LeConnex System? Maybe you know someone who is planning or has just launched a new business, someone who needs a new website, someone who is dissatisfied with their current CRM or E-Marketing systems?

Just fill out the form below and we'll reach out to your friend. If they sign up and remain a client for two months, we will compensate you with either a) a check for $25 or b) a free month of SMPL System (excluding add-ons)*. Your choice!

To get started, fill out your friend's contact & business information below, and then enter your own contact information under the "Referrer's" fields. Thank you!


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*Current SMPL System clients who use our referral program will be credited with one month of SMPL System service, excluding website-related fees and any other add-ons, unless they notify us that they would prefer to receive a check. Compensation will be provided to the referring party following the referred party's second consecutive month of successful payments.