SMPL Onboarding & Data Import Process


Import data from old CRM to CSV to SMPL System


One of the biggest roadblocks to switching to a new CRM system is getting all of your lead, prospect, and client data imported not just into the new system, but into the right places in the system. All fields must be carried over correctly, including notes, contracts, transactions, and communications.

At SMPL, our programmers have lots of experience working with data coming from both the "big guys" such as Salesforce, to industry-specific competitors like DJ Intelligence, DJ Event Planner and SmartMatchApp. While the import process might sound intimidating, all we need from you is a CSV or Excel file(s) with headers in the first row that serve as labels for each column. Most CRMs have an export tool where you can easily download these files. While we don't provide a self-service bulk import tool within the SMPL System, we will carefully work with you every step of the way to get every datapoint where it belongs & to your satisfaction. During the process, we can also remove or refine fields or records that might not be used/needed anymore; in essence, we can help you clean up your data!

Most small business data imports take just a few days to complete, and the cost of the import is built into the standard installation fee. However, if you are a large firm with many and/or very large datasets, the import could take longer and we will give you an estimate to approve before beginning work.