SMPL System Releases Document Generator History

Document Template Merge is among our SMPL clients' favorite tools. With just a few clicks, you can load a contract or other document for a person (lead/prospect/client) in your system - automatically populating all the personal merge fields - and then download and/or send it to your client. If you have an Adobe Sign account, you can even send it out for signature. 

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We are proud to announce an expansion of this document generator tool which allows you to quickly re-generate a previously-created document. No more tedious re-creation of the last document you generated; with this expansion you can easily recreate a previous contract injecting it into the WYSIWYG editor and make your small changes and regenerate.

To Access the New Feature:

  1. Go to any record and click on the document generator icon in the top right corner Document Template Merge Icon
  2. Click on the red icon to view your document history for this record
  3. Click on the button to fill the editor with this version of the document for generation
  4. Once in the editor, follow the same process you would with a newly generated document


Document Template Merge