Connecting Your Gmail Account to SMPL System

To connect a Gmail account to SMPL, you'll need to take a few additional steps besides filling out your E-Mail Settings in your SMPL System. Please follow these steps to create an App Password.

UPDATE: The other major email providers are requiring the use of App Passwords as well. Please follow the instructions for your email: Microsoft, Yahoo!, AOL or Contact Us if you do not see instructions for your email provider.

After creating the App Password...

1) Copy the password into your E-Mail Settings in your SMPL System.

2) If you haven't already filled out the rest of your E-Mail Settings, do so now. Test them to make sure they are working, and then save them.

3) Go to the Inbox tool in your SMPL System. You will now be able to view and send emails, and copy them to Person records' Communication History.