SMPL System - Media

Below are some videos and screenshots that provide a first glimpse at the look-and-feel of the SMPL System. They show but a small subset of the wide array of features that the SMPL System offers. To sum us up in one sentence, we are a CRM, Website/CMS, and E-Marketing Engine -- all-in-one, comprehensive yet intuitive -- built for small businesses. We currently offer out-of-the-box configurations for Event-Based Businesses (SMPL Events), Restaurants/Bars, and Auto Repair Shops (SMPL Retail). Or we can build a completely customized solution for your small business (SMPL FSB).

If you like what you see here & want to learn more, you're welcome to send us an email or schedule a one-on-one demo.

Thanks for looking!

~Jennifer Skibitsky
Co-Founder of AJ Wilder Technologies & Co-Builder of SMPL System



SMPL Layout

SMPL Events Dashboard